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The Pawn industry is a vital tool for someone in need of fast cash at a reasonable rate and term. Banks are not a small loan institution and payday loans simply are not a great alternative, yes they are fairly easy to get and no you don't have to part with your merchandise for a period of time. The flip side is that payday loan company's simply just make up the rate that you will pay for your loan. Take the time to research it for yourself. You will be shocked to see rates 600% an higher and there are always hidden fees. The pawn loans here in Texas are heavily regulated by the state and loan rates are set by the Office of Consumer Credit. There are no hidden fees. Rest assured the rates are set so that the Pawn Industry will be a viable source for you as the consumer to obtain the funds that you need to handle the issue at hand. Pawn Rate Chart


Independent Pawn will buy anything of value. We are the middle man so to speak, while trying to get you as much money for your item as possible we also have to leave enough to cover costs. Independent Pawn employees will do the research to put a fair market value on your items. I don't know if you have tried to sell an item on the various online markets or on one of the many mobile apps but if you have then you know it's no picnic. Here at Independent pawn we are use to dealing with people and have a system in place that allows us to sell items at a fair market value. Let us deal with it! We will pay top dollar for good secondhand merchandise.


it is absolutely free, there are no administration fees or cost to use it. You must put down as little as 10%. Lay-a-ways up to one year depending on the amount. balance is divided into equal payments to paid monthly until the balance is paid in full. Due dates are flexible, if you find yourself needing an addition week or so just let us know. 






$2501 & Up

10% Down

15% Down

20% Down

25% Down

30% Down


3 Months

4 Months

6 Months

8 Months

12 Months



Independent Pawn has a huge showroom with tons of new and used items, including but not limited to guns, jewelry, tools, electronics, musical instruments, etc. We have a great staff that are knowledgeable, courteous, and ready to assist you.  Also on firearms if we don't have it in stock we can order it for you, it only takes a couple of days to arrive. Stop by today 

Clean Organized With A Friendly Staff Here To Help
— Jason White - Owner


We buy solid gold bars, coins or jewelry rather it's new, used, or broken—and we pay you cash on the spot. Our highly-trained and knowledgeable staff will evaluate your gold to determine karat grade of gold (10k, 14k, 16k, 18k, or 24k), perform an acid test to ensure that it's solid gold and weigh your merchandise for valuation.


unwanted jewelry 

Just about everyone has jewelry laying around in a jewelry box or in a  drawer from and ex spouse, boyfriend or girl friend. Turn that gold into cash today. Or maybe you have some jewelry that you just don't wear anymore because it has become dated and out of style, we pay cash. 


gold & silver coins

Now is the time to cash in your silver and gold coins while the market is still high, it will return to normal and there is a huge difference between current market prices and what is was prior to the crunch. We also have a selection of coins for sale. Come see us today! 


Dental Gold

Believe it or not dental gold is real gold. The different gold alloys commonly used in dentistry have a karat value ranging anywhere from around 10 to 22. At 10 karats, the alloy is about 40% gold. Probably on average, the typical yellow-colored gold dental crown is around 16 karat (67%). If you have some bring it in today and turn it into cash. 


Pawnshop Myths Busted

Pawn shops are among some of the best places for you to shop for high-quality items for a bargain price. They are the best place to get cash fast, either by selling your valuables or putting them up for collateral for a pawn loan. Despite the many benefits of doing business with a pawn shop, some misconceptions remain.

Learn more by clicking on the Myths Busted button below.


Coming in 2018 " Pawn Perks" & "Pawn Pays" Sales & Loan Rewards Programs.


Shop With Confidence

Independent Pawn has taken steps to make your shopping experience with us the best it can be!


Peace Of Mind

Independent Pawn backs all sales with our 100% satisfaction guarantee and our 30/60 warranty. No hassle returns for the first 30 days on defective goods and an additional 30 days on a prorated basis. Although nearly impossible to know how long a product will last we just wanted to make sure that you get your moneys worth.


Hakuna Matata (No Worries)

With the current climate of uncertainty Independent Pawn takes the security and well being of our customers very seriously. Along with 16 cameras we have various panic buttons located through out the facility. Independent Pawn has a vault that would rival most banks in the Houston and surrounding areas and to further the security there are six safes located inside the vault, all highly rated. All high value items are secured with in these safes and vault. We also have a state of the art security system monitored 24/7.  If all this fails which is highly unlikely we are fully insured for not only our interests but yours as well. All your goods are fully protected while in our facility, as well as all precautions taken for your safety.


Supplemental Lifetime Firearm Warranty

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. We now offer a supplemental Lifetime Firearm Warranty, Independent Firearms wants all our customers to be 100% satisfied. Independent Firearms warrants new and used firearms.

Supplemental Lifetime Firearm Warranty Terms and Conditions 



In a continually changing industry, the one thing that has stayed constant for us in our mission is to provide good old fashioned customer service. We have always tried very hard to treat our customers with respect and provide the cleanest most professional Pawn Shop environment that they have ever witnessed.  In Texas, the pawn industry is regulated by consumer credit and all the interest is structured and set by the state of Texas but not all loans are good. Although the interest is elevated in the Pawn Industry it’s relative compared to the banking industry, since they regulate us to only making smaller loans the elevated interest is necessary for pawn shops to be a viable source when small loans are needed. With that said we have always stuck to our principles and refused to offer predatory pay day type loans. 



Independent Pawn shop's goal is to offer high-quality pawn loan services to the citizens of Texas. To also provide our customers with simple and affordable pawn loans to sort out their issues.  We at Independent Pawn shop also plan to become friends and mentors to our customers as well as quality service providers.



Offer top dollar for merchandise, rather your making a loan or selling. The items that bring the most on loans is guns and gold. However we will loan on anything of value.



Make good & fair loans on your merchandise, so that you will be able to retain your items and meet financial needs. We are flexible on due date, if you need a few more days just give us a call.



To set the standard for Pawnshop cleanliness and organization. We believe that how you keep your store is how you will be perceived. We pride ourselves on having a top notch store! 



To work with and build lasting relationships with our customers. We have added a feature to the website so that you can contact the owner directly (Complaint)


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Pawn Shop History

Pawnbroking is not a new practice nor does it appeal to just one social class. As humankind’s oldest financial institution, pawn loans can be traced back at least 3,000 years to ancient China as well as early Greek and Roman civilizations. During the 14th Century, King Edward III of England is said to have frequented pawn stores in Europe. Queen Isabella is reported to have pawned her royal jewels to finance Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the New World.

Traditionally, the pawnbroker’s symbol is three gold spheres hanging from a bar. This stems from St. Nicholas, often referred to as the patron saint of pawnbroking. He is reported to have left three bags of gold so the daughters of a poor man could afford to marry, thus saving them from a life of slavery or prostitution. Later the tradition transformed the bags into three gold balls, which became the symbol of pawnbrokers.

Pawn Industry Overview

In today’s society, many people depend on pawnbrokers to help them meet daily financial needs not offered by other institutions. Pawn customers represent the working families of America who periodically experience an unexpected need for short-term funds. Pawn loans keep the electricity on, the rent paid and cars running with full tanks of gas.

Today’s pawn stores are attractive, welcoming places to do business. Most of them are family-owned and operated stores that offer superb customer service.

Pawnbrokers comply with all federal, state and local regulations and laws. In most jurisdictions, they provide local law enforcement with data on all transactions on a daily basis.


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It was on a Sunday in 1979, my father always loved having a big Sunday breakfast with all his children present. My father known to most as Red, he had just been laid off from his job with Hollywood Door Company. My sister had brought along with her that Sunday a man that she had been dating for a while and his name was Rick. Well Rick had been working for a company called Schlumberger as an independent contractor putting together their trucks. It was about that time when the oil field business had went bust and Rick too had found himself unemployed. Red had always been fascinated with the pawn industry and he was no stranger to pawning items himself with eight children. As you can imagine there was always some sort of financial draw when raising your own army.  Those two sat there and hatched out a plan to start a pawn shop. It was to be named Rick & Reds.


There wasn’t a lot of money between them and they were going to need inventory, so they got to looking around their houses, gathered up everything that wasn’t essential or tied down for that matter. They applied for a pawn shop license and opened the first location in a small 1200 square foot rental space. They incorporated in 1983 as Findley White Inc. as partners they went on to open 5 more locations. I began to work in the company when I was 15, it was December 1985. Of course, as children we would often go to work with the old man. In 1986 they changed the name to Redi-Cash, it remained so until 2015. My Father Red had passed away in 2005, and the partnership had changed to four people. It was myself, my two sisters and Rick. It 2006 Rick and I bought out my two sisters and we remained partners until 2015. I bought Ricks stock and changed the name to Independent Pawn by this time I had been working in the company for 30 years. I guess that makes me second generation company man, now my daughter being third generation she works with me as I did with my father. It’s been quite a journey and it’s not over yet!

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Legal Ends

Learn the laws & obtain assistance


Crime Assistance

If you are a victim of a crime involving stolen merchandise and you are trying to track your items down please fill out the form. We will be happy to assist you. Independent Pawn does not condone this type of behavior and will do our best if in our power to help you recover your goods.


Pawn Shop Laws

Licensing and Regulatory Authority: Commissioner of Consumer Credit

Texas Pawn Code


Pawning & Selling Stolen Goods

Independent Pawn does not condone this behavior and will file a suit for any loss incurred from the act. 

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