Lay-a-way Program

Lay-a-way doodle drawing

Lay-a-way Purchase – this refers to a special payment plan where a customer can purchase the items on a monthly payment plan terms are based on amount spent. The product is set aside either in the safe or warehouse depending on type of item purchased. There it will be reserved for the customer until such time as the item is paid in full, whereas the customer will take custody of said item. 

  1. Reservation - Rather than taking the item home and then repaying the debt on a regular schedule, as in most installment plans, the layaway customer does not receive the item until it is completely paid for. 
  2. Layaway Fee – ZERO 
  3. Initial Deposit – 10% to 30% depending on purchase amount (See Chart)
  4. Remaining Balance – Your remaining balance (Total Price less Deposit) will be divided by your terms of payment, 3, 4, 6, 8, or 12 months to determine your monthly payment. 
  5. Monthly Payment – Payments must be made monthly, you will be given a monthly payment schedule which will show the amount to be paid month. 
  6. Non-payment of Monthly Due -  If you have not paid your minimum monthly payment within 15 days from your payment date your Lay-a-way contract will be cancelled and the item/items will be returned to stock. With that said we are flexible and would like to work with you to keep your items in lay-a-way we just need to here from you so that we can work out an arrangement. 
  7. Payment Deadline – refers to the specific date of each month when you have to make your payment. This payment deadline is based on the payment date for the initial deposit.
  8. Payment Method – Cash, Debit, Credit 
  9. Cancellation of Order – You may cancel your Layaway order at anytime by notifying us. Also, your order will be automatically cancelled if you have not made your monthly payment within 15 days from your payment deadline. If your order is automatically cancelled due to the late payment of your monthly due, then the total payments on the purchase less the cancellation fee may be refunded to you. For Cancellation of Orders by the customer, it must be made through an e-mail request. 
  10. Refund – We will issue you a refund of all your payments made less the cancellation fee. Refunds will be paid as they were received, if you paid cash we will refund in cash, if you used a credit card then the refund will be sent back to your card. If paid by card you will need to have the card with you. All lay-a-way refunds are done in person, so you must take the time to stop by the shop.
  11. Cancellation Fee – A fee of 20% of all the total payments made The fee applies to both voluntary and cancelled due to non payment.
  12. Cancellations Not Subject to the Cancellation Fee – If you use your lay-a-way deposits in store for purchase or transfer them to another lay-a-way then no restock fee will be charged.
  13. Items Covered by our Lay-a-way Plan – All items priced at $50 and above.
  14. Terms of Payment – See chart below.
  15. Full Payment – You may pay your items in Full at any time during your lay-a-way contract. 
  16. Shipment of Product -  Items reserved under a Layaway contract will only be shipped once full payment has been made. 
  17. Balance and Receipts - You may request a written record of your payments at any time. You will receive a receipt for each payment made towards the balance due. 
  18. Proof of Payment – It is essential that the customer keep the receipts issued for the payment and the credit receipt if paid with a card. It will be necessary in reconciling any differences that may arise.

It is absolutely free, there are no administration fees or cost to use it. You must put down as little as 10%. Lay-a-ways up to one year depending on the final price. The balance is divided into equal payments to be paid monthly until the balance is paid in full. Due dates are flexible, if you find yourself needing an addition week or so just let us know. 






$2501 & Up

10% Down

15% Down

20% Down

25% Down

30% Down


3 Months

4 Months

6 Months

8 Months

12 Months


$500.00 Lay-a-way

  • 8.25% Tax = 41.25
  • Total = $541.25
  • 10% Down $54.13
  • Balance $487.12
  • Divided By 3 Months = $162.37 a month for 3 months


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