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Who doesn't like FREE Stuff??

Every month we will have something up for grabs, rather it is a firearm, jewelry, tools or whatever great item we choose.

How It Works?

Receive one entry every time you:

  • Renew or extend your loan.
  • Buy a gun.
  • Sell a gun.
  • Sell us gold.
  • Buy something for $50 or more.

It's That Simple!

If you put something in lay-a-way you will receive your entry the day it's paid in full.

Who Can Participate in Firearm Drawings?

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in a long gun drawing
  • You must be at least 21 years of age to participate in a hand gun drawing
  • Have a valid Texas drivers license or identification card.
  • Have a clean record and be able to qualify through a NICS background check.

If you already have a license to carry then it will be a fast smooth transaction.



Q: How old do I have to be to participate?

A; You must be 18 years or older to do business in a Pawn Shop

Q: What happens with my entries if I don't win this month?

A: Nothing! That's the beauty of it, your tickets stay in the pot all year!

Q: When does it  end?

A; Every year it starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st.

Q: When do you do the drawings?

A: The last day of every month unless it falls on a day that we are closed, then it will be the next day that we are open.

Q: What happens if you can't get a hold of me?

A: We will make three attempts over 3 days, if we are unable to reach you we will redraw. (Important that you provide a good phone #)

Q: Who can pick up my winnings?

A: You must pick up your winnings in person if it is a firearm, otherwise anyone that you designate over the phone.

Q: What if I don't want the item I won?

A: We will  put a cash value next to the item every month (On this page) You can choose the item or the in store credit to be used on another item.

January 2018 Item 



The first winner of Pawn Plays!


Brand New

Diamondback Firearms is proud to present the DB380. A micro-compact .380 automatic pistol made entirely in the USA. Designed with safety in mind, the DB380 features a "ZERO-Energy" striker firing system with a mechanical firing pin block, a steel magazine catch to secure a sheet metal magazine and real windage-adjustable sights, all in a lightweight pistol. A steel trigger with dual connecting bars allows for a crisp smooth, trigger pull. The DB380 features a FEA (Finite Element Analysis) designed slide and barrel that is stronger than any comparable firearm, resulting in durability with less felt recoil, and the absence of...

Retails $289.99

Independent in store cash value $200.00



February 2018 Item 

Up For Grabs!



  • Magazine: Includes (2) double stack, 10 round capacity magazines with finger extension base installed and 2 additional flat magazine bases.
  • Barrel: Machined from bar stock with 7 lands and grooves having a 16‐1 right hand twist.
  • Receiver: 7075‐T6 aircraft grade heat treated aluminum alloy, machined from bar stock.
  • Slide: High quality Stainless Steel available with Natural Stainless or Black Nitride Finish.
  • Grip/Frame: Made from Zytel polymer, with ergonomic finger grooves and an integral “RE-COIL CUSHION” on the back‐strap.
  • Recoil Spring System: All steel, fully encapsulated for ease of disassembly and reassembly.
  • Slide Lock/Release: Steel with a Zytel over molded polymer extension for ease of operation.
  • 3 Dot Sight System: Steel rear sight, adjustable for windage only with locking screw.
  • Hammer Firing System: Double-action only, internal hammer with inertial firing pin to prevent accidental discharge if dropped.
  • Manual Guarded Safety: Newly designed with a guard molded into the frame.
  • Double-Action Trigger: Specifically designed for shooter comfort and accuracy by designing the system to have a smooth effortless, consistent 9 pound trigger pull.
  • Trigger Guard Lock: Custom designed to properly fit and be child resistant. Includes 2 keys.

Retails $284.00

Independent in store cash value $200.00



March 2018 Item

14k Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

Retails $299.00



April 2018 Item


14k Ladies yellow necklace with a diamond and ruby pendent.

Retails $299.00



May 2018 Item


The NAA .22 Long Rifle is the most popular Mini-Revolver ever produced. With the many current accessories, it is versatile for many applications and is the standard by which other Mini-Revolvers are judged.

Retails $226



June 2018 Item


July 2018 Item


Our Black Widow and Mini-Master Mini-Revolvers evolved from our popular .22 Magnum frame series and include the time tested design characteristics that are incorporated in all NAA Mini-Revolvers. The result is enhanced stability and accuracy for the shooter.

Retails $288.00



  • By participating:
    • You agree to have your picture taken with prize
    • You consent to Independent Pawn use of said picture to be used in promotions on various social medias and Independent Pawn websites.

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