Why Pawn With Us?

Security doodle drawing

Hakuna Matata (No Worries)

With the current climate of uncertainty Independent Pawn takes the security and well being of our customers very seriously. Along with 16 cameras we have various panic buttons located through out the facility. Independent Pawn has a vault that would rival most banks in the Houston and surrounding areas and to further the security there are six safes located inside the vault, all highly rated. All high value items are secured with in these safes and vault. We also have a state of the art security system monitored 24/7.  If all this fails which is highly unlikely we are fully insured for not only our interests but yours as well. All your goods are fully protected while in our facility, as well as all precautions taken for your safety.


Our employees are professionals who are trained in every aspect of the pawn industry, including a broad understanding of he products we receive and sell. Independent Pawn Employees take pride in their work and it's reflected in the way they greet customers, handle pawn transactions with confidence and how well they keep the store. They are here and eager to help.