What Is Everyone Talking About?

What is everyone talking about doodle

Independent Pawn is working hard to bring you the tools and programs that you have come to expect out of a 21st century business. We are so excited that we thought we would let some of them out of the bag! All this will be rolling out in the first quarter 2018

So here they are:

1.       We have developed a loyalty program called the 3 P’s

a.       Pawn Plays

i.      Every month we will be giving something away for free.

 ii.      See Details: www.pawnplays.com

b.       Pawn Perks

i.      Loyalty program for sales.

ii.      See Details: www.pawnperks.com (Coming Soon)

c.       Pawn Pays

 i.      Loyalty program for loans.

 ii.      Details: www.pawnpays.com (Coming Soon)

2.       We now have a mobile app called InstaPawn.


a.       It will display our entire store Inventory

b.       All customers to see all their pawn and layaway transactions

c.       Show loans balances, layaway balances and history

d.       It will also send reminders when a payment is due

e.       Make payments on your loans and layaways directly through the app

f.        Available for both IOS & Android

Learn More: InstaPawn

3.       Now you will get a text or email notifications when your loan/layaway payments are due. 

4.       We will also have gift certificates.

5.       You will receive unique coupons every time you make a loan printed on the ticket stubs.

6.       Buy with Confidence:

We have developed and adopted the following policies:

a.       We have adopted a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Learn More

b.       We have developed a 30/60 warranty Learn More

c.       We now offer a Lifetime Supplemental Warranty on all Firearms for the life of the original owner Learn More

7.       We have built a professional and informative website

a.      www.independentpawn.com

b.     www.independentpawn.online

c.     www.independentpawn.shop

8.      We have revamped or lay-a-way program Learn More


Other services that we are looking to add in 2018 are as follows:

  • Money Orders
  • Money Transfer
  • Bill Pay
  • Onsite ATM
  • Check Cashing
  • Digital Menu Boards